The Civil Military Coordination (CIMIC) Course is a 2-week course designed to create understanding of the nature and scale of challenges in inter-component relationship and the requirement for effective cooperation/coordination between actors/agencies in a multidimensional PSO environment.

a. Introduction to Contemporary PSO.
b. Introduction to CIMIC.
c. Application of CIMIC.
d. Media Operation.
e. Working with Interpreters.
f. CIMIC Principles & Guidelines.
g. Conduct and Discipline.
h. Dealing with NGOs.
i. Human Right Protection.
j. Conflict Analysis.
k. Respect for Diversity.
l. UN Country Team.
m. Community Support.
n. UN CIMIC Function, Structure and Organization / Mission Support.
o. Coordination and use of Civil Resources.
p. Sexual Exploitation and Abuse.
q. Humanitarian CIMIC Coordination.
r. Use of Military Escorts for Humanitarian Convoy.
s. Gender Mainstream in PSO.
t. Low Level Negotiation in CIMIC.
u. Quick Impact Project.
v. CIMIC EX Presentation.
w. Introduction to CARANA Country.
x. Influence Operation.
y. Meeting Facilitator (1).
z. International Protection: Refugee and IDPs.
aa. International Humanitarian Law
bb. International Humanitarian Law
cc. Cross Cutting Issues/(Child Protection).
dd. Introduction to CIMIC (ASCOPE/PMESSI).
ee. The Environment and Protection of Civilian
ff .Meeting Facilitator (2)
gg. Establishing CIMIC Operation Centre

Language: English
Target Group: Military, Police , NGO, IO, Other Security Agencies

2 Weeks


Course Date: 25 September – 9 October 20
Course Code: CIMIC 24/20
Application Deadline: 25 August 20