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Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration(DDR) Course is aimed at enhancing the skill of officers/personnel as part of peace building efforts in conflict resolution. DDR course teaches potential practitioners the skills required to remove weapons from ex-combatants, remove them from military structure and getting them acquire civilian status with sustainable means of income. The Course is based on the United Nations Integrated Disarmament, Demobilisation and Reintegration Standard (IDDRS). Practical experiences from contemporary DDR exercises are also brought to bear during the course.

a.    Causes and Nature of Conflicts in Africa
b.    Course Overview
c.    Legal Foundation for DDR
d.    UN Approach to DDR-IDDRS
e.    DDR and Conflict Analysis
f.     SALW
g.    Conflict Mapping and Exercise
h.    Participants, Beneficiaries and Partners
i.      Reintegration of persons with Disability
j.      Disarmament
k.     Psycho-Social Counseling
l.      Integrated DDR Planning
m.  Cross Border Population Movement
n.    Economic Reintegration
o.    Food Air Programmes& DDR
p.    Financing DDR Programme
q.    Foreign Combatant
r.      DDR  and NGOs
s.     Post Conflict Stabilization, Peace Building and Recovery Frameworks
t.     National Institution for DDR
u.    Demobilization
v.    Reintegration Principles/Approaches Assessment
w.   Social and Economic Reintegration
x.     Profiling of Ex Combatants
y.    Working with Interpreters
z.     Youth and DDR
aa.        Transitional Justice
bb. Public Information and Understanding the media.
cc.Ex Time line
dd.Women Gender and DDR
ee. Children and DDR
ff. Project Preparation
gg.  HIV/AIDS and DDR
hh.  Sexual Exploitation and Abuse
ii.      Negotiation and DDR
jj.      Monitoring & Evaluation in DDR
kk.   Ex Preparation
ll.      UN Military Roles and Responsibilities
mm. UN Police Roles and Responsibilities
nn. Exercise Programme Design

Language: English
Target Group: Military, Police , NGO,IO,Other Security Agencies and Individuals involved directly or indirectly with DDR.

2 Weeks


Course Date: 11 – 25 September 20
Course Code: DDR 20/20
Application Deadline: 25 August 20