The Military Observers Course otherwise known as Military Experts on Mission (MEM) Course is a 3-week course, designed to equip potential Military Observers and Staff Officers for UN missions  with   the   necessary   skills required in monitoring, observing and reporting. The course also equips participants with requisite skills for effective patrolling and self-sustenance as Military Observers and Liaison Officers in United Nations and other regional Peace Support Operations.

a.    Introduction to UN System.
b.    Fundamental Principles of UN PKO.
c.    Establishment and Functions of PKO.
d.    It’s Your World.
e.    Introduction to GPS.
f.     First Aid Package.
g.    Team site Equipment.
h.    Mines and Mines Awareness.
i.      Investigation and Verification.
j.      Survival Strategy.
k.     Negotiation and Mediation.
l.      Hostage Taking.
m.  Conduct and Discipline.
n.    Team Site Duties.
o.    Theatre Weapons Vehicle and Equipment Recognition.
p.    Crater Analysis.
q.    Observation Post Duties and Management.
r.      Human Right Protection.
s.     UN SOPs Reporting, Correspondence Drafting and Brief Techniques.
t.     Mission Case Study.
u.    Driving Skills.
v.    UN Radio Procedures.
w.   Introduction to 4 x 4.
x.     Driving Test.
y.    GPS Practical.
z.     DDR Process.
aa.        Personal Security Awareness.
bb.        Team Site Security.
cc. Stress Management.
dd.       Respect for Diversity.
ee. HIV/AIDS in PKO.
ff.    Media Relations.
gg. Promotion of Gender in UN PKO.
hh. Brief Techniques.
ii.         Mandate, SOFA and SOPs.
jj.         Coords Working with Msn Interpreter
kk.       Sexual Exploitation and Abuse
ll          Information Gathering Techniques.
mm.   Working with Mission Partners.
nn.      Patrolling.
oo.      Code of Conduct.
pp.      EX BLUE AREA Update.
qq.      MILOB Hand Book.
rr.         Liaison in Peacekeeping Operation.
xx.        Preparation of Team sites.
yy.       Final Brief on EX BLUE AREA.
zz.        Conduct of EX BLUE AREA.

Language: English
Target Group: Military, Police and any other Security agencies that deem fit to have the training.

3 Weeks


Course Date: 28 August – 18 September 20
Course Code: MILOB 27/20
Application Deadline: 20 July 20